The Data Fusion Conference is dedicated to the synergy of intersectoral data
and qualitatively new model approaches to their integration.
Understanding the real needs of the client and effective communication with respect for their personal space are becoming a strong competitive advantage today.
Online Conference
April 14 - 15, 2022
Presentations of the conference speakers will be available to all registered participants

The International Data Fusion Conference for the second time will bring together leading developers in the field of Data Science and Data Fusion, business customers of DS products and services, government representatives, scientists, researchers, and visionaries.

Two days, two parallel tracks, a detailed analysis of specific business cases from the point of view of solving business tasks and mathematics, a plenary with an overview of the most interesting trends of 2022.

Conference program

  • Business day. April 14
  • Data Science Day. April 15
11:00 – 11:05
Track 1. Data Fusion for business

Data Fusion through the prism of business, government, and society. Understanding the overall business landscape in various fields and the impact of Data Fusion concepts, technologies and products on it. Current issues and trends

Трек 2. Data Fusion in action

Analysis of specific business cases taking into account various applications of Data Fusion models

10:00 – 10:05
Трек 1. Scientific Data Fusion

Science Notes from representatives of the scientific Data Science community. Analysis of current issues.

Трек 2. Applied Data Fusion

Analysis of current issues and application of technological solutions in the Data Fusion concept

10:15 – 11:15
11:25 – 12:25
12:35 – 13:20
14:40 – 15:40
15:50 – 16:50
17:00 - 18:00
18:10 - 19:10
Data Fusion 2021


Will the conference be held only in an online format
This year the conference will be held in an online format without access of participants to the event venue.
How to register?
Fill out the registration form on the website. After filling out the form, you will receive a confirmation that the registration was successful. We will send a reminder to all registered participants by email before the start of the conference, as well as recordings of sessions after the end of Data Fusion.
Where and how to watch a broadcast?
The broadcast will open on the website in the LIVE section on the day the conference starts.
Will the conference participants receive a reminder about the start of the sessions?
Yes, a few days before the start, we will remind you about the event. We will also send reminders with the schedule of sessions at the beginning of each day of the conference.
Will the conference recordings be available after the broadcast?
Yes, registered users will have the opportunity to watch broadcast recordings on the website after the event.
Will the presentations of the conference speakers be available?
If the speaker agrees, in the "Information" section, which is located under the broadcast player, you can download the speakers' presentations via the link.
Is it necessary to register for the conference?
Yes, only registered users will receive the speakers’ materials after the event.
Where can I get acquainted with the conference schedule?
The schedule can be viewed on the website in the "Conference" section.
If I have a question that is not in the FAQ?
Contact the event organizers by email, we will always respond.